Renew + Rebuild

Welcome by the Pastor

In gratitude to the Archdiocese’s effort “Making All Things New,” an extensive process and planning, consultation with both clergy and laity, and a great deal of prayerful reflection assuring that our parish of Saint Joseph remains even stronger, vibrant serving the needs of all.

I will be guiding you to the next step of this process which is called “Renew + Rebuild Capital Campaign.”  As good steward to uphold wisely this noble mission entrusted to me, it is important to provide a unity of vision and purposes for the Parish. This unity of vision is dependent on setting goals for the future and planning for it. Part of the planning for the future is to make sure the physical plant of our parish is adequately maintained.

Renew + Rebuild is a historic archdiocesan-wide effort to strengthen our local parish communities, while at the same time providing resources to our larger Catholic community. As you can see from the enclosed brochure, the vast majority of funds raised will support our parish of St. Joseph. These resources will be used to replace the school roof and reconstruct the church parking lot. Through these projects, we hope to maintain a safe environment for parish activities and to preserve and maintain the parish buildings. 

I have been inspired by the enthusiastic support that we have received so far, and it is my sincere hope that you too will make a commitment to this vital undertaking. Your generosity will make a significant impact on our campaign’s success, continue to build upon the tremendous momentum generated, and inspire others to make a similar sacrifice.

Your support is critical to our success. Because of your love and generosity for our parish, I ask that you prayerfully consider a sacrificial pledge of $1,500.00, for five years or a total commitment of $6,000.00 for five years.  Be assured of my deep personal appreciation for your continued support of St. Joseph and your consideration of my request.  Prayerful best regard with sentiments of cordial esteem I remain. 

1. Project Scope: School Roof: $870,000 

The original existing school roof (51 years old) is now beyond the ability to be patched or repaired. There are 14 classrooms and administrative offices; gymnasium, cafeteria, and kitchen. The school houses over 700 students that are part of the Religious Education Program hosts various parish activities of the Youth Ministry, Choir Rehearsals, and other departments. It also provides meeting rooms for various parish committees. The gymnasium houses the worship space for the Spanish Liturgies and the hospitality and fellowship for the parish. 

Current Situation: This original roof has extensive water infiltration issues and leaks. Engineering and architectural reviews have concluded that it needs to be completely removed and replaced.The project is complicated by the need to replace the entire decking, replace skylights, install insulation over the entire surface as well as new drains and metal flashing and perimeter edges around the facility.The roof covers approximately 31, 500 sq ft.

2. Project Scope: Parking Lot: $1,600,000

When the new Church was built in 1995 the parking lot was not graded to the new building nor to the drains. This was done to save costs during the construction. Today we are left with sunken in areas of the concrete around the buildings which pose as tripping hazards to all who walk on them. The new parking, with proper maintenance, will last for the next thirty years. New lighting and gates will provide for additional security. 

  • All of the current asphalt in the parking areas will be removed.
  • All parking areas will be regraded to improve drainage.
  • Al parking areas will be relined to the current configuration.
  • The entry and exit to and from Sneden Place will be removed and replaced,
  • All catch basins will be replaced.
  • All concrete sidewalks will be removed and replaced to include curbing.
  • An area of packed dirt adjacent to the school building will be paved and striped for parking.
  • The driveway and parking area at the rectory will be removed and replaced.
  • The walkway at the rectory will be removed and replaced.

Giving to Saint Joseph 

We ask you to be guided by the spirit of Christ in making your decision. Our average commitment of $7,800 to date is a wonderful testament of the generosity and faithfulness of our parish family.  The table below outlines a number of gift plans for your consideration. If you are ready to make your donation you can click here:

Total Commitment  Yearly Commitment Monthly Commitment Weekly Commitment Daily Commitment 
$24,000 $4,800 $400 $92 $13.15
$12,000 $2,400 $200 $46 $6.58
$6,000 $1,200 $100 $23 $3.29
$4,800 $960 $80 $18 $2.63 
$2,400 $480 $40 $9 $1.32